The Biggest Generation Z Trends

The Biggest Generation Z Trends

After the millennials, the next generation on which the entire human race is dependent on is Gen Z. Although the era of millennials continues to exist, it is the next generation on which the big industries are focusing on. There are new technologies and trends popping up every day. Whether it is clothing or the AI which are designed to especially attract the younger audience, their value in the market depends on how well it is accepted by the Gen Z consumers. Here are the top trends in the new age, which is attracting the world of jdl club thai.

Smart Clothes

Fashionable clothing has always been in trend, and we have witnessed a significant change throughout the ages. But the most advancement in clothing happened recently with the digitalization of clothes. School uniforms with built-in GPS and smart sneakers which map your route are the most trending advancement in clothing technology.

Smart school uniforms have been invented in China, which helps the parents to track their toddler’s location while he or she is in school or on the way. Many schools have implemented this technology in their uniforms, and even parents feel it is a safe way to assure that their children are okay.

Recently Under Armour launched their HOVR Infinite shoe range which has sensors embedded in the sole which automatically maps your route as you cover a certain path. After analyzing the path, they can suggest better and shorted routes to your destination with the help of maps.

Virtual Reality

VR has improved a lot in the past decade. It is funny millennials were taught to keep distant from the screen, but now the technology has screened at an inch distance from the eyes, and no one is talking about it. But the gaming companies are incorporating VR technology into their projects and are successfully making good sales even for incomplete games because people are willing to get the first experience rather waiting for a perfect VR world.

Foldable Devices

It seemed like we were done with the times when flip phones used to be cool. With the smartphones in the market, no one cared to purchase old devices anymore, and the flip phones also died in the process. The big manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung have taken the initiative to revive the flip phone technology combined with the touch experience, which will soon be in the market with full potential.

Plant-based living

The new generation is pretty interested in relying on a vegetarian diet. The internet media is encouraging people to “Go Vegan”, and the young generation is okay with the idea because of the health benefits. People are also becoming more conscious of animal cruelty and adapting to a vegan lifestyle with a more open mind.

Smart Speakers

The biggest companies in the world like Amazon, Google, and Apple are implementing AI to their smart speakers and updating the database every day. One can perform multiple functions of the home, such as playing music, controlling switches, surfing the internet, with simple voice commands. It can understand multiple languages and is a huge step towards the fully automated way of life.